Why should I hire an office coffee service?



Convenience – Time is money. If you’re spending a bunch of time at the store purchasing coffee and other breakroom supplies, you’re spending even more money. Well-Bean’s office coffee service takes on this responsibility saving you time, and essentially money.


What is the difference between office coffee service and pantry services?


Pantry services take an office coffee service to the next level. Think of an office coffee service as a candy bar. It’s delicious and filling, but sometimes you want a little more. Think of pantry services as the king size candy bar. It’s still delicious and filling, but you get more for your money. Go ahead. Take a bite and contact us today!


Can I order snacks and non-coffee drinks if I only do the office coffee service?


Absolutely! When you sign up for our office coffee service, we give you access to our entire inventory, which includes hundreds of snack and drink options. The only difference is that we stock less frequently than we would with pantry services, based on your needs.


When looking at the office coffee service options, why should I choose Breakroom Management rather than Pre-Order.


This is based more on preference. If you would like to be responsible for placing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly orders while managing your own inventory, that’s awesome. However, sometimes you may forget to place an order and you wouldn’t want to run out of coffee or supplies. No one likes a coffee crisis! Besides, we offer our breakroom management option for free. Why not give it a try, especially if it helps you avoid a caffeine crisis?


What’s the difference between micro-markets and pantry services?



With micro-markets, the cost is on your employees. With pantry services, the cost is on you. However, both are very affordable and can change your employees’ workday for the better.

Do I have to purchase my machine?


Only if you want to. We will still service your machine as long as you are a client of Well-Bean. We offer affordable rental options. Also, based on your volume, you may be eligible for a FREE machine rental! You’re probably asking yourself: “Wait, I can get a FREE hi-tech café-style coffee machine for my office?” The answer is yes, based on your volume. Contact us today to see if you qualify!


Do I have to sign a contract?


All of our rental agreements are contract-based. However, should you decide to purchase your machine, you do not have to sign a contract. Worried about signing a long-term contract? No worries! We over short-term leases for machines. Well-Bean also has a 30- day guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied and we can’t fix your problem within 30 days, we will let you out of your contract.


Do I have to pay for service calls?


Like everything else in life, machines tend to have issues here and there. As long as you’re in a coffee service agreement with us and using our coffee beans, we will service and maintain your machine for free!


Why do I have to use your coffee beans and powders if I’m paying a rental?


Because they’re delicious. Other than that, most of our machines are engineered to process and brew only specialty coffee beans and approved powders. Low-quality coffee beans are extremely oily, which will cause clogs in your machine. The same goes for powders. Using non-approved powders in your machine will most definitely cause clogs, leading to excessive service calls and machine downtime.


Do you roast your own coffee?


Yes! Unlike other office coffee services in the area, we roast our own beans fresh every week, right here in Wake Forest, making us The Triangle’s Freshest Office Coffee Service!


How can I receive more information about your services or schedule a demo?


We’re glad you asked. You receive an instant Office Coffee Service quote, or contact us to schedule a free coffee demo. We look forward to hearing from you!


Does your office coffee service only serve the Raleigh Durham area? Or do you also serve areas outside of the Triangle?

In order to keep our costs and prices down, as well as making sure we deliver the freshest coffee possible, we are currently focusing our efforts on the following cities and their suburbs:  Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, Carrboro, Clayton, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Mebane, Morrisville, Sanford, Smithfield, Wake Forest.