Bad coffee? Bad for business!

Well Bean, gourmet coffee
Well Bean, gourmet coffee

It’s no surprise that coffee is “the drink of choice in the workplace” with 61% of employees drinking their 2 and 3rd cup of coffee in the office.

So why should you care if your employees partake in this liquid goodness when it sounds to you like an increased business expense?

Here's why:

Strategic business managers are always looking for affordable ways to motivate their staff. What’s better than valuing their employees with a gourmet cup of coffee? In addition, coffee plays a major role in promoting well-rounded mental & physical health. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the brain and improves mental focus, motivation and reduces fatigue & depression. According to, “a study performed on public workers in Denmark undergoing a large-scale merger found that the workers' stress was relieved by forming “communities of coping” during coffee breaks with co-workers. Another study found that when workers meet informally over a cup a coffee, it helped encourage creativity. It creates a social scene where conversations can take place without organizational structures, allowing employees to socialize in more personal ways than they are allowed in their role as professionals.”

Ironically, coffee can save companies money rather than negatively affecting the bottom line. Have you ever considered the combined employee time loss when breaks outside of the company are taken to "refuel" at a local coffee shop? Statistics show:

A cared for break room with high quality coffee & coffee brew systems tell your employee they are worth investing in. They feel cared for, valued and it provides a true break so your hardworking employees can feel truly refreshed. Statistics show when an employee takes a break they increase productivity by 19% and have a reduction in overall mental and physical stress.

So it sounds like promoting coffee consumption in the office has its benefits, so how do you encourage this in your company? Common sense says employees are more likely to drink coffee if it's free and it tastes good, simple as that! When an office chooses to have an office coffee service from a local roaster their expertise on brewing the perfect cup and choosing high quality coffees comes with the service. An even bigger benefit with choosing a gourmet coffee service is they provide free, high-end brewers or single serve espresso machines.

Not only do your employees love a first class break room but it leaves a great first impression for visitors, clients or potential clients. How about welcoming your next client with a mocha to break the ice!

So now that I have sold you on why office coffee can bolster your business I would love to introduce you to Well-Bean. We are office coffee specialists servicing the Raleigh, Durham, Cary areas and we would be happy to provide a free consultation on outfitting your break room to fit your specific budget and coffee/break room needs. Not sold yet? Ask to demo one of our single cup espresso machines for free and test out this concept to witness the results for yourself.

For more information please contact Melissa Brown at Melissa@well-beancom , visit our website or call to schedule your appointment/coffee tasting: 919-624-8895.