We Support NewSongNica.Org


Well-Bean Coffee is about serving the community. No matter if that community is in the United States or overseas, we feel that we have been commanded to reach out to help those that need help. We are happy that we have the opportunity to partner with NewSong Nicaragua.

There mission is "to clearly proclaim, teach, and live out the New Covenant of Jesus Christ in Nicaragua. We come alongside those living in rural communities to break the cycle of poverty–spirit, soul, and body–by the power of the Holy Spirit, through Biblical trainings, discipleship, and social projects in order to create life-giving, Christian communities."

How does Well-Bean help? Simple! One dollar of every bag bought will go to help NewSong Missions. For more information about NewSong, please visit www.newsongnica.org or by heading over to the Well-Bean Fundraising Page. We look forward to partnering with you!