Kilambé Coffee


Nicaragua’s Kilambé Mountain is the source of Well Bean’s 100% Organic Arabica beans, are shade grown at an elevation of 5,700 feet, hand-picked, spring-washed, and sun-dried to perfection. Farmers and roasters of Well-Bean Coffee are knowledgeable and dedicated coffee lovers, determined to satisfy your coffee cravings.

Where is Kilambé Mountain? The mountain is located towards the northwestern part of Nicaragua, south of Honduras. The area offers great weather for the growth of coffee and is a major economy crop for the region.


Who do we support there? Well-Bean Coffee is partnered with the NewSong Mission Nicaragua. "New Song is a New Covenant ministry and community of churches based in Nicaragua that are enjoying the relationship we have with Jesus Christ. God has made a New Covenant with all humanity, distinct and different than the Old Covenant. God now offers us the gift of grace in how He saves us and transforms our lives. We no longer have to strive and earn our way into God’s presence, but we can enjoy our relationship with God because of our faith not our performance."

We are proud to have such a great partnership with NewSong and the ability to give back to the people of Nicaragua. For more information, please visit or contact us through our Contacts page.