How To Get The Freshest Cup Of Coffee At Your Desk


“Bean to Cup” brewing systems have revolutionized the office coffee experience. They provide you with a cheaper and noticeably fresher cup of coffee at the touch of a button. And it gets better: they also eliminate waste and are engineered for reliability. Well-Bean has been waiting on a practical machine that would preserve the quality of our specialty grade beans and we have found our answer in the De Jong Duke Virtu. Let's just focus on the quality of the coffee for a second. Ask any expert and they will tell you, once the coffee bean is ground it begins to lose its flavor and freshness. More surface area is exposed to the elements like air and light which contribute to the deterioration of the bean. Coffee grounds that have been sitting for a while will have muted flavor profiles and taste stale. To put it simply-the less time in between the grinding and the brewing the better!

That's where our De Jong Duke comes in. You select a drink, the beans are ground and then seconds later you have freshly brewed coffee or espresso with all of the intended flavor and freshness.

But it doesn’t stop with a good cup of coffee. The Virtu has up to 36 customizable drink options like lattes, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, americanos, and espresso shots. It's like having a barista in your office, only the drinks are more consistent…..and you don’t have to tip.

De Jong Duke is really leading the way for coffee innovations and saving you money along the way. The average cost of a drink brewed on their machine is $0.31 per cup whereas an average K-cup is $0.62. And remember that whole “freshness” aspect? It puts the competition to shame on multiple levels.

We promise you will taste the difference, but if you want to experience it first hand, contact us for a free in office demo.  Contact Well-Bean at 919-624-8895.

Well-Bean coffee
Well-Bean coffee