A Family in Need


The Well-Bean team just returned from a 10-day origin trip in Nicaragua. During our trip, we viewed beautiful places such as Little Corn Island along with the gorgeous mountain city of Matagalpa, as well as experiencing the culture, enjoying the tasty Nicaragüense cuisine, along with embarking on several adventures, including visiting the coffee farm, where our popular Gold Mountain coffee is sourced. An astounding experience ensued, witnessing the amount of effort put into our morning cup of coffee, helping us all gain a greater respect for this industry. Well-Bean believes in the importance of giving back and works directly with New Song Mission Nicaragua, where we donate a portion of our sales every month. With the help of New Song, Well-Bean donated care packages to three different families in need. These packages consisted of food, toiletries, sheets, and other household items. Hearing these families’ stories together with learning about their struggles while seeing them remain optimistic about such trying times, was very humbling.

On our last stop of the day, we visited the Gonzales family whose names are Jorge and Martha, who have three children named Freddy, Israel, and Miracle, who are in the age range of 12-15. Upon walking into their home, we were all shocked as well as saddened at how little this family had. It’s very common in Nicaragua to have dirt floors and no standard beds, but this family only had three flattened, slightly rotted foam mattresses, with no pillows, for a family of 5. One moving box contained all their belongings. Their home had no table, chairs, or any other furniture, with no real way to secure their home from intruders or weather. During the rainy season, these types of homes flood easily. They also revealed it takes 4-5 hours to cook their dinner every night, as they cook it over a fire, further complicating the Martha’s struggle with asthma.

While further speaking with Jorge, we discovered he was disabled from a nearly deadly work accident that occurred over 30 years ago. Quickly after his accident, the company fired Jorge but provided severance pay, only to leave him struggling financially and physically, as he is unable to work due to the injuries he sustained in his accident. Their only source of income comes from Martha but is not nearly enough to support a 5-member family. Jorge has been trying to receive assistance from the government for the last 30 years, but his case has gone cold.

We spent an hour hearing this family’s story but not once did we hear the first complaint. The positivity they showed along with the love they exuded for each other was inspiring, resulting in us here at Well-Bean wishing to assist this family, by raising $350.

Every dollar raised will go towards helping this family buy a stove, a table, chairs, dishes, new foam mattresses, along with other necessities. $350 goes a long way in Nicaragua as every little bit is beneficial.