4 Things Every Break Room Needs

To have an enticing break room within your business is more than just setting aside a place for employees to have their tea or lunch breaks. It should be an environment that allows the employees to truly relax and recharge. Giving employees a chance to set aside their work for a short time allows them to return to work more energized and alert. Some business owners may overlook it, but break rooms have a significant impact to the success of any enterprise. Let’s look at some basic features that successful businesses have included in their break rooms.


1. Free Coffee

To make the break room a relaxing place for the employees, equip it with coffee.

Coffee is not only the beverage enjoyed by a majority of workers, but it also gives a quick energy boost via the caffeine present in coffee.

For smaller offices a specialty coffee machine will give a morale boost with a selection coffees to suit each employee’s preference. In a larger businesses there are multiple options that are more cost effective for the business owner. Be sure there is plenty of , sweeteners, creamers, and cups.

2.  Spacious Accommodations

A break room should appear as a place to break away from the job routine while taking a drink or eating lunch.

The room should be large enough to accommodate all the employees that take breaks at the same time without the room feeling overly crowded. Let it have some aspects of a dining area, with comfortable seating and tables.

Brightly colored walls will reflect a positive environment and allow the workers to feel the difference from the work area (which are often in neutral tones). This change definitely gives workers’ minds refreshment before they return to their respective work areas. This has been shown to enhance performance.

3.   Offer Selections of Healthy Snacks

Avoid creating the afternoon energy crash by offering healthy snacks.

Instead of a vending machine full of high calorie, high sugar snacks, opt for fresh fruits, nuts and granola bars. The employees will get an energy boost without having that sleepy feeling later in the afternoon.

4. Comfortable Seating

Break rooms are relaxing sites within a business premises. Therefore, the type of seating setup you include plays an important role.

Hard wooden seats may not do the trick, but comfortable furniture such as couches can be a better option. Comfortable seating helps people kick back and relax.

If employees have positions that require them to stand, include some options for them to put their feet up - refreshed feet help an employee feel renewed for the rest of the day.

Making your break room ideal doesn’t mean you have to equip it with the most expensive facilities. Ensure it provides the best possible comfort for your employees to relax and have a mental break before they return to their workstations ready to take on the second half of their workday full of energy. The investment is small, but the rewards will be higher morale and increased productivity.

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