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Well-Bean Coffee is about serving the community. No matter if that community is in the United States or overseas, we feel that we have been commanded to reach out to help those that need help. We are happy that we have the opportunity to partner with NewSong Nicaragua.

What is Specialty Coffee?

A question that we get asked often is, “What is specialty coffee?” Believe it or not, there is an actual formula for figuring out whether a coffee has received the “specialty” tag. Standards for specialty coffee are considered based on the green coffee, cupping, roasting, water, and even brewing. Specialty coffee should not be confused with “gourmet” or “premium” coffee.

Well-Bean Merchandise

We are very excited to offer some great options in our Merchandise section of our website. We have t-shirts, tumblers, and three gift basket options available. These products are a great way to support your love for Well-Bean coffee or grab a fun gift for the coffee lover in your life. And, who wouldn’t want to have more fun stuff from their favorite specialty coffee shop?

Order Coffee Products For Your Business or Church!

Reach out to us and find out what great options we have available for your business or church today. Ten percent of all orders go to NewSong Mission Nicaragua.

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